Samsung SL 25/500

2 Axis CNC Lathe
• 3" Bar Capacity
• 10" Chuck Capacity
• 20" Shaft Length
• 12 Station Turret with Quick Change Tooling
• "Q" Setter and "Z" Setter
• LNS quick load automatic magazine bar feed

Hitachi Seiki Super HiCell 250

6 Axis Multi Tasking Machining Cell
•2.5" Bar Capacity
•14’’ Chuck Capacity
•Sub-spindle, Full C Axis
•Universal B Axis, 3 station turret head.
•Automatic Tool Changer – 44 cutting tools; any combination of milling, drilling and tapping.
•"Q" Setter, to qualify cutting tools.
•LNS Quick load automatic magazine bar feeder.
•Super HiCell 250 can drill, mill and tap off center, on an angle, on the face and outside diameter of the part in either the main or sub-spindle. Part complete in one operation.